Movieline have posted the official theatrical poster for Jim, a new low-budget sci-fi film.

Directed by Jeremy Morris-Burke, Jim has gone relatively unnoticed, until now.

The film stars a host of unknown, or up-and-coming talent, including Dan Illian, Vanessa Burke, Abigail Savage, Michael Strelow, Michelle Ries, Atticus Cain, Carolyn Morrison and Amy Heidt.

Synopsis: The story focuses on Jim and his rapid decline after the death of his young wife. Being steadily crushed under the weight of debt, unemployment, and increasing isolation, Jim reaches a breaking point. Over a game of solitary Russian roulette he contemplates an unspeakable act of violence as a way of leaving his mark. He is stopped short by a vision of his wife who convinces him that he should instead focus his remaining resources into an act of creation. Armed with his wife’s frozen eggs and a new resolve, Jim secures the services of a large biotech firm to help him create an heir who will be engineered to overcome the obstacles of common men.

Check out the official poster for the film below, then head over to the film’s website to see lots of new stills. A trailer will be released online imminently.

Jim will be released in the US on October 8. A  UK release date has yet to be announced.