Despite a fairly toxic critical reaction to Shyamalan’s recent films there is something intriguing about Devil, a film ‘from the mind’ of M. Night.

The premise is simple, some people are trapped in an lift and one of them is (or possessed by) the Devil, and the trailer we’ve seen gives an indication of the mix of paranoia and claustrophobia with the merest hint of the supernatural and it should, SHOULD, be worth watching. After the great trailer for The Happening, I’m sceptical.

The film is out in the States on the 17th of September and there’s the first official clip and a new promo spot out today to gather you all in to a frenzy. John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle direct the cast which includes Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend, Logan Marshall-Green, Bojana Novakovic, Jenny O’Hara, Bokeem Woodbine and Jacob Vargas.

Here’s the new clip which MTV thoughtfully put up,

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To find out more check out this promo spot sent over to us by Universal,