Last month we posted the theatrical poster for a new low-budget sci-fi film Jim. Apple, via FirstShowing, now have the first official trailer for the ultra secretive film.

Directed by Jeremy Morris-Burke, Jim stars a host of unknown, or up-and-coming talent, including Dan Illian, Vanessa Burke, Abigail Savage, Michael Strelow, Michelle Ries, Atticus Cain, Carolyn Morrison and Amy Heidt.

Synopsis: The story focuses on Jim and his rapid decline after the death of his young wife. Being steadily crushed under the weight of debt, unemployment, and increasing isolation, Jim reaches a breaking point. Over a game of solitary Russian roulette he contemplates an unspeakable act of violence as a way of leaving his mark. He is stopped short by a vision of his wife who convinces him that he should instead focus his remaining resources into an act of creation. Armed with his wife’s frozen eggs and a new resolve, Jim secures the services of a large biotech firm to help him create an heir who will be engineered to overcome the obstacles of common men.

Watch the official trailer:

Jim will be released in the US on October 8.