To celebrate the release of the West End’s newest musical blockbuster The Prince of Egypt, we sat down with its cast and legendary music Man Stephen Schwartz to discuss bringing the film to the theatre.

Based on the 1998 DreamWorks Animated classic, the new show brings the story of Rameses and Moses to the Dominion Theatre and the cast – Luke Brady, Liam Tamne, Christine Allado and Alexia Kharime – are hopefully that not only will people who loved the film come along to see it but that it brings a new, diverse audience who will enjoy both the wonder and the history behind this legendary tale.

Schwartz, too, hopes it captures the magic of the film but brings a new energy to the story. He speaks about the challenges of morphing it into a theatre production, which songs he kept and what new ones he wanted to unveil and the ups and downs of previews.

You can check out the full interviews below:

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