This week we’ve gone a bit interview crazy with 5 premieres, and over 40 interviews but the fun carries on! Today we have interviews from the Martian junket conducted by our pal James Kleinmann to accompany the interview Stefan did we Ridley Scott (where he very kindly gave us the title of his second Prometheus movie – Alien: Paradise Lost).

The interviews below are with the cast (Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Sean Bean and Chiwetel Ejiofor) for Ridley Scott’s Mars movie based on the blog turned book by Andy Weir which was then adapted into a screenplay but the brilliant Drew Goddard (who we spoke to at the premiere – all our premiere interviews are live here).

In the interviews we get to hear why they decided to take on their roles, what it was like working to create zero-gravity, working with the legendary Ridley Scott and given the chance, which keep-sakes they’d take to space if they were to embark on a long voyage.

The Martian is release in UK cinemas 30th Septmeber.

Jessica Chastain

Sean Bean

Kate Mara

Chiwetel Ejiofor