Doing the rounds for his latest film The Martian, Ridley Scott has told us that the next film in the Prometheus saga will be called Alien: Paradise Lost.

Building on the literary heritage of the previous film the allusion to John Milton is certain to have implications for the film’s plot. Dealing with the Fall of Man, Milton’s epic poem deals with the fall of Satan and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden – the loss of innocence and a terrifying, irreversible act is surely going to be a factor in the journey towards the events of Alien.

Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit
Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal tast
Brought Death into the World, and all our woe,
With loss of Eden, till one greater Man
Restore us…

The opening of John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

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We recently learned that Scott was looking at numerous Prometheus sequels, all leading up to the first Alien film, and with Neill Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated Alien 5 due to start production shortly there’s going to be a lot more xenomorphic fun coming our way.

Here’s the clip of Scott revealing the title to Stefan Pape,

UPDATE: Never ones to miss a good thing we caught up with the director again this evening at the Premiere for The Martian where he expands on the title he revealed.

We spoke with the director ahead of the European premiere of The Martian this evening, check back for our interviews there later, and click below to hear Ridley Scott talk about making The Martian an accessible film, working with NASA, sending it to the ISS and much more. He also talks about the handing over the reins of the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel and, of course, Alien: Paradise Lost.

The Martian is out in UK cinemas on the 30th of September. Our review is here.

Perhaps we can expect Alien Paradise Regained at some point? Alien Odyssey? Alien War and Peace? Exciting times.

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  • David Sztypuljak

    Both working fine for me (us).

  • So odd. I can hear other videos on your YT Channel, but this one keeps coming up dead silent.


    Learn how to use a computer.

  • ポケモントレーナー

    Sounds horrible, must be some kinda joke orr giggle he’s giving himself. Well I hope they continue where they left off in the first movie.
    I’d encourage all people to give Prometheus a second chance and to also watch all the deleted scenes as well as the promo video material of David 8 and the Ted talk as well as others it might give you a little more clarity

  • Harry McNicholas

    Those sneaky aliens are at it again.

  • regularman

    Sir, your profile pic is everything.

  • I’ve watched it several times, but it was still a shit film. Nice to look at, but shit.

    The characters were all dreadful, making it impossible to empathise with them when they kept making stupid decisions that were completely contrary to their supposed scientific background.

    The plot was full of holes; how did 2 of them get “lost” when one of them was the guy with the mapping “pups”, and the Prometheus had a 3D map of the place complete with glowing markers showing where everyone was??

    Even the technology portrayed in the film was bollocks. How does a holographic recording of Weyland know where to look when it addresses Shaw and Holloway during the briefing? How could something as advanced as the medical pod not be programmed for female anatomy?

    Really basic errors. As others have said, classic Lucas syndrome where seemingly no-one had the balls to tell Scott it was a crappy script.

  • Tim Robinson-Ayer

    I made a fanedit of the movie that incorporated that material. I also created a new opening to the movie using some material from Terrance Malnick’s “Tree of Life.”

  • Albert J. Brown

    You have poor attention for detail, Ian.

  • Tommy T-tone

    You have a shit mind. Wish there was an anti-hipster wank switch on the internet to keeps the likes of you out. You no doubt trash all but the 2% that you and your ilk consider ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ cuz you think only you and your ilk know about it. Probably love that wannabe Shane Carruth.

  • Congratulations on addressing the actual points of my argument rather than stooping to the level of cheap ad-hominem attacks. Good work.

  • jhasdguf

    “If you don’t like it, it’s because you’re not smart and special like me” That, right there, is the Prometheus fanboy’s chorus. As for the “hipster” remark…doesn’t that guy know that hipsters LOVE Prometheus. It’s made just for them.

  • kamiee

    Should be “Alien: Logic Lost”

  • Boo fucking hoo, its a good movie, get over yourself. When you make your own blockbuster movie that makes millions of dollars i might take you seriously. Part time wanabe movie critics are boring as fuck.

  • That’s the spirit, Phil! A reasoned and well thought-out reply that’s fully deserving of your ape-like namesake. Keep off the booze! x

  • Tyga Ny

    I agree, everyone has opinions and these people think that theirs is worth more than Ridley Scott’s. Me and my friends enjoyed Prometheus I really don’t see why people want to label every thing that they don’t like “horrible” these days and just be offended by everything now movies are in the mix. They truly need to get over themselves or just don’t watch the damned movie.

  • Dr.Rockso

    Sounds stupid

  • They truly need to get over themselves or just don’t watch the damned movie.

    Serious question Tyga: How am I supposed to know if that damn movie is any good if I don’t watch it? I was as stoked as anyone about the prospect of Scott returning to the Alien franchise. He’s clearly a brilliant director and a good number of my all-time favourite films were helmed by him.
    But there’s no getting around the fact that Prometheus – while gorgeous to look at, sumptuously produced, with amazing design, art direction and cinematography – had a decidedly seventh rate script with a muddled storyline, inconsistent, paper thin characters who frequently exhibited inexplicable motives, and a basic premise which simply didn’t support any of the suspension of disbelief that all good sci-fi relies on.

  • Tyga Ny

    You forgot the part where it’s just your opinion. You are stating it as if it is fact. All you did was prove my point with a long paragraph stating your thoughts as facts.

  • Raymond Troy Hopson

    Here we have it folks, proof ignorance is bliss. How can you sit there and ignore all points made by Ian, and still come at him like he’s the moron? If prometheus is such a good film, surely you can give some reasons as to why it is so.

    You talk about how his opinions aren’t fact…. The door swings both ways buddy. Just because you think the film is good, does not make it fact. Your opinion holds no more merit than that of one that finds the film a pile of shit (which it is).

    Ridley Scott fucked this film up by not sticking to his guns and having the film include xenomorphs. Shitty character development and plot holes aside, we could have seen an interesting prequel to the alien universe with opportunities for equally interesting sequels leading into the original. Instead, we got a confusing, main plot line conflicting, pile of crap. Xenos aren’t boring, they’re iconic. Why add the trilobite and deacon (two ridiculously confusing plot points) when you could have made an epic xenomorph movie?

    The saddest part is, my response will be met with more “your wrong I’m right hurr durr” drivel.

  • Ugur

    Hi. Can you send me the written form or subtitle of this interview ?