Olga Kurylenko - OblivionEarlier today we got to hear from Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski about his new sci-fi epic, and this afternoon it’s the turn of former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko. She previously played an heavy action role in Quantum of Solace opposite Daniel Craig and although this role is more dramatic for her, it still has it’s fair share of action.

Kurylenko plays Julia who we find out more about as the movie progresses. During the interview I get to hear from her about what it was like to work opposite Tom Cruise, working with Director Joseph Kosinski and working with some of the amazing futuristic sets they built for the shoot. I also ask her specifically about the Sky Tower which she says she’d love to live on (the featurette for which is on the Kosinski interview here).

Oblivion is out in UK cinemas today and it’s really well worth seeing. You can see all our coverage from Oblivion here including our premiere interview with Tom Cruise.

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