The Flash has all the hallmarks of a troubled production thanks to a script that’s undergone numerous rewrites and the loss of two directors due to “creative differences.” Things started looking up for the movie earlier today when a very impressive shortlist of directors found its way online, but the movie has now lost one of its major stars in Billy Crudup.

The Alien: Covenant and Watchmen star was set to play Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. He was imprisoned for the murder of his wife when Barry was a child and his quest to prove his father’s innocence would lead to the youngster becoming a forensic crime scenes investigator for Central City PD. Years later, the Fastest Man Alive would discover that a villainous speedster from the future (Reverse-Flash) was responsible.

A reason for Crudup leaving the movie has not been revealed, but it could be for any number of reasons. Scheduling issues are possible, though it’s more likely that he decided to leave the project due to the departure of director Rick Famuyiwa, the man who cast him.

Interestingly, the actor had already shot scenes for Justice League, so whether those will be cut or reshot is unclear now. Chances are it could be either one, but it will depend on how crucial Henry Allen is to The Flash’s story arc in the highly anticipated ensemble.