Marvel and Netflix held a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last night and it was revealed there that a third season of Daredevil has been confirmed along with a second season of Iron Fist. That’s good news for those shows, while second seasons of both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are already in the works. Before all of that, though, we have The Defenders.

The eight-part series will bring together all of the heroes mentioned above (and The Punisher) to go to war with The Hand, a clandestine group of ninjas who have played a role in both Daredevil and Iron Fist’s shows. They’re led by a mysterious character played by legendary actress Sigourney Weaver and can all be seen in action in this new trailer.

Following the events of Daredevil season two, Elektra is now under The Hand’s control and that’s going to make things very interesting – and tough – for Matt Murdock. Surprisingly, these street level superheroes don’t seem best pleased about working together but that will hopefully change as The Defenders progresses and they come together to stop The Hand.

Marvel and Netflix have been building to The Defenders since Daredevil debuted on the online streaming service in early 2015 so it hopefully won’t disappoint! Based on what we see here, it definitely won’t, but we’ll find out for sure when it premieres next month. For another look at an upcoming Marvel series, check out the Inhumans trailer right here.