Inhumans was supposed to be part of Marvel’s Phase 3 plans but the movie was dropped from their release schedule for reasons unknown and is now set to be a television series.

However, Marvel TV has made the unprecedented move of teaming with IMAX to deliver what they promise will be a show with a movie budget and shot with their cameras.

The first two episodes will actually premiere on IMAX screens before moving to television, another surprising move but one which makes sense. Now, with Comic-Con in full swing, an action-packed trailer for Inhumans has been released which is packed full of new footage from the series which has the potential to be something special. Well, that’s the plan!

Unfortunately, Inhumans doesn’t look particularly good. The special effects definitely aren’t on the same level as the movies and even the acting doesn’t look the best! Fans have been anxious to see Medusa in action for years but her hair looks laughable and this footage definitely doesn’t point to Inhumans being the epic eight-parter most fans imagined.

It is just a trailer, though, so who knows! We’ll have to wait and see but with a premiere date set for September 1st on IMAX screens, Marvel doesn’t have long to win us over!