The Walking Dead returns to Fox on Monday, October 23rd and at Comic-Con last night, a new trailer was released which drops plenty of hints about what’s coming in season eight.

We kick things off with a very tense exchange between Negan and Father Gabriel and from there, we’re treated to countless snippets of action shots as it becomes clear that Rick Grimes will be rallying his fellow survivors to take down Negan and his sinister Saviors.

However, by far the biggest reveal comes at the end of the trailer. It’s here we get into slight SPOILER territory, so you may want to stop reading now and scroll down to the video! Still here? Well, the preview wraps up with what appears to be a flashfoward of a bearded and older Rick Grimes waking up in a hospital bed? Was it all really a dream?

Fans of The Walking Dead comic book will know that Rick is badly injured during the final fight with Negan and ends up using a walking stick (which can be seen at the start of that scene). He doesn’t have a white beard, though, so perhaps the show will jump ahead by years! Chances are that this is a fantasy of some sort as it seems too soon for that.

Time will tell, but it’s fair to say that The Walking Dead can’t get here soon enough!