I’m beginning to think that somewhere in an Emeryville basement Pixar have an exhausted team of artists churning out Cars 2 marketing as if their lives depended on it.

It’s a good thing that each of the posters, trailers, TV spots, t-shirt, tattoos, matching socks and bobble-hat etc, are all quite fun and while Cars isn’t the brightest star in the Pixarverse the team are clearly having a lot of fun with this new tale which sees our motorised mates tearing across the globe for a very important reason indeed.

The TV spot (from The MovieBox.net via MovieWeb) is fun and shows off the heroes of our tale leaving skidmarks on landmarks all over the world and can be seen below,



Then from Hollywood.com come seven international posters. Seven. Pixar completists will need to draw up plans to extend their houses to get enough wallspace to cope with the marketing for this one.

Posters Ahoy!