Yesterday evening the British Academy of Film and Television Arts held their annual awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time. It was also the first time that John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Studios, had attended the ceremony. We had the chance to talk to the legendary director and producer about a few of his forthcoming projects, including Cars 3.

He talked about Brad Bird’s work on the forthcoming Incredibles 2 film which is due out next year, saying ‘It’s the one I’ve been waiting on too…I helped make it but I’m a big fan of it.’ We’re yet to hear anything more about Bird’s eagerly-awaited follow up but we’re hoping to see something more at D23 on July 14-16 this year. A poster, and possibly a trailer, is almost certain to be unveiled there.

Lasseter was also keen to talk up the new Cars film. Despite not quite capturing the same lightning as with the likes of the Toy Story films, the Cars franchise is a personal passion project for Lasseter. In the interview he confirmed what we assumed from the first trailers, that this would be a very different film to previous installments in the series. He told us,

We’re really excited about it…Cars 3 is really going to surprise everybody. It’s so emotional, and really funny – it’s stunning. We have a whole new way that we render our images…and the cars look real. It’s [going to be] shockingly emotional for people. When they watch it they [won’t] believe it.

He also confirmed a little more about the future of one of Disney’s biggest recent hits – and what’s in store for Wreck-it Ralph 2. The first image and story details we saw back in June of last year promised a far wider scope for Ralph and his friends. Lasseter confirmed,

This time Ralph and Vanellope go into the internet. A WiFi router gets plugged in, in the arcade…and it is hilarious how the filmmakers have skewered everything on the internet.

We’re assuming that once they are loose on the web mobile devices will be fair game too, bringing the retro stylings of Ralph right up to date.

You can watch the full interviews below,