Update on the new UK Title: We’ve just spoken to Disney about the new UK title for their new Marvel movie, ‘The Avengers’ now known in the UK as ‘Avengers Assemble’. We can confirm that the title is a permanent change for the UK only. Here’s the official line:

“We have changed the title of  “Marvel The Avengers” to “Marvel Avengers Assemble”  This has been done merely to differentiate the movie from the popular 1960’s British television show, The Avengers.”

So there you have, in the UK, we can expect to see ‘The Avengers Assemble’!

Disney have just sent over the new UK poster for Marvel’s forthcoming Superhero-a-rama, The Avengers, with a subtle change – the film will be retitled in the UK as Avengers Assemble.

Joss Whedon’s much anticipated film will enter UK cinemas on the 26th of April, a week before the US which is among the last territories to see the film’s release. Bringing together some of the biggest names in comic book history, The Avengers/Assemble is the culmination of Marvel’s recent outpouring of Superhero films, which for the most part has been very successful, so there’s already a huge fan base for this film.

Here’s the new poster which has the new title emblazoned on it,

The title change isn’t exactly unexpected as UK TV sci-fi fans may remember Sydney Newman’s wonderfully surreal series, dubbed spy-fi by its fans, The Avengers which ran from 1961 to 1969 and was heavily influenced by that decade, a film was made in 1998 with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman which is best forgotten (and I’m being kind when I say that).

Put simply, it’s so we don’t confuse this,

with this,


Or worse still, so we don’t confuse this,

with this,

The Avengers International Banner


Clear? Excellent.