It’s safe to say that the veil of secrecy has lifted from Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Prometheus and you have to give it to the marketing team at Fox for their control and quality of the promotion for this film.

Trailers, fictional adverts and TED talk, some excellent images and now featurettes have slowly increased our understanding of the world without giving too much away.

This new featurette, found by Prometheus News, is a typical DVD extra and as such offers nothing when you have the actual DVD containing the film. However, what marketing departments (led perhaps by Peter Jackson’s video diaries from New Zealand) are realising is that these perfunctory-after-the-event featurettes increase in value considerably if you shove them out before the film is in cinemas. Seems sensible.

Anyhoo. Some new footage and Ridley directing, in the words of a commenter on Youtube, like a boss…

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