The final moments of J. J. Abrams’ Episode VII of the Star Wars saga unsurprisngly gave us more questions than answers. For a film that was based around the search for Luke Skywalker, the few minutes at the film’s close of the hermit-like Jedi being found by Rey was scant consolation. Famously Mark Hamill uttered no words, although internet speculation before the release of The Force Awakens pointed to some ridiculous and hilarious speculation of a line he had which was cut. In a first for the saga Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi will pick up right after the end of Episode VII, but what will Luke (eventually) say to Rey?

It appears that the question has now been answered. Covering the annual Disney Shareholders meeting in Denver today Los Angeles Times journalist Daniel Miller is currently tweeting through the event, which included a brief selection of clips from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And it seems shareholders got to see what happened after this moment…

Rey Star Wars Episode VIIIHere’s what Miller described from the event in Denver.

Given the secrecy surrounding the project this was something of an obvious joke. Thankfully when the laughter died down more footage was shown, including an important moment fans have been waiting for.

Now, to paraphrase a famous Star Wars quote – ‘This is where the speculation begins…’. There is a vociferous section of Star Wars fans who believe Rey is Luke’s daughter. There are a number of subreddits dedicated to picking apart any new piece of information, and in these places you will find intricately detailed speculations of exactly why Rey is (or isn’t) a Skywalker. You can bet that there is already a healthy foundation of conjecture already beginning.

Further details from Miller give us a few other details about what’s to come. None of unexpected, but certainly interesting for us rabid fans.