With sci-fi bromance-cum-road-movie Paul now on DVD, the ubiquitous Simon Pegg has been chatting to Collider about his upcoming projects and had this to say about a possible reunion with that little alien weed fiend:

“If we could think of a story that was absolutely justifiable, that was worth doing, I would do it again, but for that reason, so I could have that experience again and enjoy working with people, the camaraderie and the friendship.”

He also goes on to talk further about how both him and co-scribe/star Nick Frost would tackle a second film:

“Nick and I have this idea that we had out on the way to Area 51 that was really funny. It was like oh, this could be great. It would cost an absolute fucking fortune. If it involved more than one Paul, it would mean that we’d have to have twice that budget again. The idea was it was called Pauls.”

Sounds like the two would be interested in bringing their CGI creation back at some point. Although a big winner at the UK box office, the film do modest business in the US (final tally – $37.4m), and if the two are envisioning telling a tale on a much bigger scale which would (as Pegg so eloquently puts it) bump up the budget considerably, they may have to wait and see if it does big bucks on the DVD market before there’s the possibility of Universal indulging them.