Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario had a strong debut at the North American box office this past weekend, but despite its success, it doesn’t exactly seem like a movie you would automatically assume needs a sequel. Well, that’s what Lionsgate are apparently planning, though the focus will be on the mysterious hitman played in Sicario by Benicio Del Toro.

According to Variety, the project is being overseen by the writer of the movie, Taylor Sheridan. Villeneuve is also involved in some way, though it’s not clear at this point whether or not he will direct. With the Blade Runner sequel on his horizon, it seems unlikely though.

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“Before the release of this movie, I was talking to Denis and I said what happened to this character?” Lionsgate’s Patrick Wachsberger tells the trade. “Where is Benicio going?”

He also confirms that the studio is planning an Oscar campaign for Sicario, and seems understandably confident that 2016 will be the year Skyfall cinematographer Roger Deakins is finally recognised. This movie has multiple Oscar potential — best movie, best director, best cinematography, best music, and, of course, the actors. All of the characters feel real.”

It remains to be seen whether or not this sequel will come to fruition (it could just be a ploy to increase interest in Sicario), but the first is worth seeing as you can tell from our review.