This project has been in the pipeline for quite some time, and when James Cameron pulls on his producing trousers and grabs his 3D cameras you can bet that he will want to secure the best help he can to bring his version of Fantastic Voyage to the big screen.

Enter Shawn Levy, not literally of course although that would not be out of the realm of possibilities raised in this film, who has been tipped by Deadline as the man to ‘reimaginise’ the 1966 fantasy film which saw a team of scientists miniaturised and injected into the body of a man to save his life.

Director Paul Greengrass dallied with the project, then decided against it, leaving the field open for Clash of the Titans man Louis Leterrier to approach the project and apparently sign on before news of Levy broke which puts the man who oversaw the Night at the Musuem malarkey behind the cameras for this one.

It’s not an obvious fit, but with the shadow of Cameron looming large over this one he’ll have a steady path to bring this 3D vision to us, and its not the first time it’s happened…

P.S. I always wondered whose hand that was. It looks like it should be Dennis Quaid’s but that’s just wrong.