Following the critical and commercial bonanza of Slumdog Millionaire with 127 Hours was a bold move for Danny Boyle.

No doubt the director was offered all manner of scripts bookmarked with blank cheques but he wisely chose to use the Oscar momentum to tell the story he wanted to and now his film, and its lead actor James Franco, have been nominated for this year’s awards. Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy has, along with Boyle,  been nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar and news comes today of what may be their next collaboration.

Speaking with Tom Brook for BBC America Beaufoy spoke about a project he is currently working on, a gangland saga with a lycanthropic twist, and mentions that if it all works out then director Danny Boyle is interested in signing up.

Here’s what Beaufoy said,

It’s an adaptation of a book by a writer called Toby Barlow and it’s a very extraordinary mix of gangland Los Angeles, really, really rough — a lot of shootings — and the difference with this particular piece of work is that these gangs can shape-shift at will into packs of dogs

If I write it well enough, [Boyle] will direct it.

Here’s a synopsis for you,

An ancient race of lycanthropes has survived to the present day, and its numbers are growing. Bent on dominance, rival factions are initiating the down-and-out of L.A. into their rnaks. Caught in the middle are Anthony, a kindhearted, lovesick dogcatcher, and the object of his affection: a female werewolf who has abandoned her pack.

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