We’re used to seeing Hollywood directors jump to the smaller canvas of the ad campaign and this new video for VW gives Resident Evil overlord Paul W. S. Anderson the opportunity to parody his high-octane cinematic style.

Volkswagen are rolling out a series of these movie parody adverts to underline their continuing support of independent cinema in the UK and BUS, the first of these, gives us the requisite thrills and spills before coming to a somewhat unexpected conclusion. Dubbed as an ‘anti-action’ film it underlines the notion that life isn’t always as Hollywood would have us believe.

We’ll be adding the rest of the videos to this post as they are released. Let’s hope they continue in the same vein.

VIDEO 1: Bus.

VIDEO 2: Explosion

The next video which is every bit as subversive as the first.

Video 3: Chase

This is a very funny video to close out the series.

Behind the Scenes

We’ve also been sent these very cool behind the scenes video which you can enjoy below – more videos are expected soon so check back.