The zombie hat is one most movie genres can wear with ease. They can vault the chasm between outright horror and romantic comedies without shedding an eyelid, although we’re still waiting for the undead animal apocalypse (Farmageddon: Shorn of the Dead etc, etc).

Now we’re seeing the Goonies Vs. Zombies essentially, with a group of scouts on their last day of camp fighting off a local zombie invasion. There must be a badge for that.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse stars Halston Sage, Tye Sheridan, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sara Malakul Lane,┬áDavid Koechner, Logan Miller and Bectoria, is out on the 6th of November and there’s a new poster out today.

Ignore the terrible photoshopped cast collective the shoe-horned suggestive tagline and delight in the charred kneecaps.

Here’s your poster,

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse One Sheet

What I liked most about this poster is the twist on the creative maypole around which so many others have danced before. This collection of recent movie posters compiled by show how often this particular design is drawn out.

Movie Posters Legs

Hold on… What the helltown is Mike Leigh’s bleak, soul-eroding Naked doing there? I’ve never seen this poster before…naked-movie-poster

Not only is that a massively inappropriate choice (Thewlis looks like a Government prostitute inspector) but the sole quote on the poster looks completely uncertain and vague, almost as if it needs a question mark on the end.