Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Escape Room, the makers of the original film are back for a no-holds-barred sequel, and to celebrate the release, we caught up with some of the cast and its director to find out more.

Set a short while after the first film, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions sees Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) return to try to stop the evil Minos Corporation, who reply in kind by putting some new challenges in their way to stop them and some of the other survivors of escape rooms all across the US, with some even more elaborate and dangerous new puzzles to solve.

We spoke to Miller and new addition Holland Roden (Rachel) about the increased stakes of the sequel and their reactions to the designs of the new rooms, while director Adam Robitel tells us about the challenges in making a sequel and topping what has gone before, keeping the audiences on their toes and the lengths they went to to make sure the new rooms would not only entertain but would have as much realism as possible, making them even scarier.

You can watch the interviews below:

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is in UK cinemas from July 16th.