Minecraft – a phenomenon that personally I know little about but when Microsoft buy the company who made it (Mojang) for $2.5bn you know it’s a big business.

Warner Bros. own the rights to the ‘sandbox video game’ which has been around since 2009. Minecraft allows users are able to create their very own worlds to explore, share those worlds with friends and complete quests. The platform quickly rose to prominence with both school-children around the world embracing the world-creation tool alongside town planners and engineers able to create models of their own real-world creations in a very easy to use and affordable way.

At the time of writing Minecraft has 40 million users worldwide with over 106 million copies of the game sold. Today Warner Bros. announced the video game movie adaptation will be released May 25th 2019. Rob McElhenney best known for her TV series ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is set to direct.

With video game adaptations being the brunt of criticism from critics (with the recent Warcraft movie still firm in our minds), it’ll be interesting to see how this game is turned into a movie. Time will no doubt tell!