Warner Bros. have reportedly focused their search for a bankable voice for their Minecraft movie on Steve Carell.

According to Variety the actor is being sought to provide one of the lead voices for the movie, which is set to be directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s ┬áRob McElhenney as his debut feature.

There’s little word yet on how WB will translate the generation defining game to the big screen. The success of The Lego Money looms large over over Hollywood like a enormous cloud, pregnant with cash. Thanks to the work of Phil Lord and Chris Miller any and all known properties are being snapped up and funneled to the big screen – Trolls being the most recent of the many examples.

There’s plenty of scope for a cinematic take on Mojang’s billion-dollar enterprise, the recent release of the Minecraft: Story Mode is their own attempt at a continuing narrative. They’ll no doubt be more recognisable voices in the mix over the course of the next year or so as the film enters production, and we’ll keep you abreast of these and other developments.

The film is set to be released on the 25th of May 2019, so there’s a while yet…