When it was revealed that a Minecraft movie is in the works, most of us scoffed. However, thinking back to The LEGO Movie and what a fantastic couple of hours that ended up being, there’s really no reason why this adaptation of the popular video game can’t find similar success, especially with the director it’s now found.

That will be It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator/writer/director/star Rob McElhenney, and finding someone to take the helm of Minecraft is sure to make Warner Bros. happy after they’ve spent the past few years trying to get it off the ground (Real Steel director Shawn Levy was attached to direct last year).

Minecraft is a game about placing and breaking blocks and going on exciting adventures. Creative Mode gives players access to all the materials and freedom to create anything, from vast structures to intricate machines. Play in Survival Mode and you’ll work for your resources, defend against monsters, and dig deep into the world to discover the rarest ores. Gamers can do all this alone, or work together with friends online.


The move still doesn’t have a release date, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. McElhenney has Figment in the works at Legendary Pictures, so it’s not clear whether Minecraft will come before of after.