The latest batch of Star Wars Episode VII set photos give us a look at what appear to be members of the Rebel Alliance, and among them may be leading actors Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie.

It had been rumoured that both would be villains in the J.J. Abrams helmed follow-up to Return of the Jedi, but based on what we’re seeing here, that won’t be the case…at least not at first! One popular theory is that the Rebels took over the Stormtroopers and their spaceships and that what we’re seeing here are the remnants of the Empire making use of some sinister looking X-Wings. It seems far-fetched, but who knows?!

Less of a theory and more of a rumour is the news doing the rounds that Lucasfilm have started developing a Star Wars spin-off which will put the spotlight on fan favourite Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Ewan McGregor has expressed interest in reprising the role a number of times in the past, and according to this latest report, Lucasfilm have got their art team working with a writer to come up with some possible ideas for a movie featuring the character. Though they claim that the plan was to keep the focus off Jedi and Sith characters in the spin-offs, the popularity of Obi-Wan has now apparently changed things.

We still don’t know which characters will be the focus of Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank’s Star Wars movies, though Boba Fett and Han Solo are two names which have come up time and time again.

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