A little earlier this week, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Millennium Falcon and a covered up X-Wing on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. A flying school located near the former RAF base in Greenham Common first spotted the iconic spaceships, but now even more better photos have surfaced!

In them, we not only get a clearer shot of the semi-constructed Millennium Falcon, but also two new X-Wings, both of which look very different to those in the Original Trilogy and to each other.

That’s because they’ve been given very unique paint jobs, and according to the site that posted them, a number of supporting characters will be using X-Wings in the movie, while the black and orange version belongs to one of the leads. They also believe that Star Wars Episode VII will feature a major battle featuring the ships, before going on to corroborate earlier reports that Oscar Isaac will pilot the Falcon!

The full gallery of images can be found by visiting the site via the link below, but be sure to click on those which are here for the full-size versions. What are you thoughts on Star Wars Episode VII so far?