With Radioactive making its way to DVD we marked the occasion by speaking to one of its supporting stars, Sian Brookes. We discussed with her the joy in collaborating with Rosamund Pike, and under the direction of Marjane Satrapi.

Brookes plays Marie Curie’s sister Bronislawa, and we asked if there was much out there for her to use as a reference point. She also talks about the fun learning about specific eras in time, and highlighting the educational aspect of her profession. Given the timing of our chat, we also asked the affable actress about her time spent in lockdown, and whether she’s been able to keep creative (or just enjoy being with her family). Finally we spoke about Body of Water, a fascinating feature film we can’t wait to see, as she discusses her complex role in that interesting drama.

Watch the full interview with Sian below:


After the death of her beloved husband, Marie Curie’s commitment to science remains strong as she tries to explain previously unknown radioactive elements. But it soon becomes terrifyingly evident that her work could lead to applications in medicine that could save thousands of lives — or applications in warfare that could destroy them by the billions.

Radioactive is released on DVD on July 27th