Battle: Los Angeles is a real-time alien invasion thriller staring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who previously took charge of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Killing Room. It deals with a platoon meeting an invading alien army and two set photos have sprung up and point to an Independence Day for the 21st century.

I was a fan of The Killing Room, and Liebesman is certainly moving from the minimalist to the massive with his take on an alien invasion of Los Angeles (the title is kind of unambiguous) and I’m hoping writers Scott Silver and Christopher Bertolini can find something new in this road most travelled by. Eckhart looks suitably disgruntled and I’m hoping the real-time angle will bring a momentum to the film.

Check out the images below.

The image of Aaron Eckhart was taken by Jonathan Hoffon and manwithscaryspouse captured the shot of the explosion and thanks to /Film for the heads up, click the link to find out more about where the images came from.