Last week HeyUGuys were lucky enough to get invited along to the press conference for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I was there armed with my video camera and you can watch the entire press conference in full here. After the press conference, along with a group of my fellow bloggers and journalists, I was able to interview Kevin McKidd and Steve Coogan (below), Alex Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson (interview coming tomorrow) and Logan Lerman and Chris Columbus (interview coming Thursday).

All the interviews were audio recorded and I’ve placed the interviews below.

  • After finding out that Hell is in Hollywood, are Steve /  experiences Hellish or otherwise? (00:00)
  • We discover Steve hasn’t read the books! (00:54)
  • Did Kevin read them and his son tells him how much Poseidon is in them (1:05)
  • Receiving a letter from Chris Columbus (01:22)
  • Have Kevin’s kids seem the movie? (01:45)
  • Who did Steve Coogan us as his inspiration for the rock star dress of Hades? (02:20)
  • Was Hades always going to be a comedy character? (03:13)
  • It was Rosario’s idea to kiss! (03:38)
  • Does Steve get recognised in the US? (04:07)
  • Does Kevin get recognised? (05:34)
  • Is Rome the movie going to happen? (06:04)
  • Will there be an Alan Partridge Movie? (07:25)
  • How does Steve pick movies? Financial? (08:28)
  • Contending with Clash of the Titans (09:35)
  • Have Steve and Kevin worked together before? (10:19)
  • Steve growing up as an actor (10.34)
  • How did Kevin get into acting? (12:00)
  • Did Steve always want to make people laugh? (13:26)
  • What was the last impression he did (14:00)
  • Are you playing Craig Murry? (15:45)

[gplayer href=”″] Interview with Steve Coogan and Kevin McKidd: [/gplayer]