The third season of Homeland was extremely divisive, with the lack of Brody throughout and the way his story arc was handled proving to be a major talking point and something which riled many fans. This year would also mark the first time that the series didn’t receive any sort of major awards recognition.

Season four will serve as a reboot of sorts for Homeland as we see Carrie working as a case officer in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the same job we very briefly saw her doing right at the beginning of the series.

The focus of this latest preview is very much on the direction that season four of Homeland will take, with some big plot details teased and a look at Carrie once again teaming with fan-favourite character Saul.

A number of new casting additions have also been made for season four of the CIA drama, but plenty of other familiar faces are also expected to return. The two hour premiere of Homeland will air on Showtime in the US on October 5th, and is expected to reach Channel 4 in the UK shortly after.

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