You may have seen quite a few months ago I posted a trailer for the follow up to the Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks’ produced epic mini series called ‘Band of Brothers’ (which if you haven’t seen you MUST). The new show is entitled ‘The Pacific’ and follows the Pacific Fleet’s journey through the 2nd World War. The trailer was leaked to the Internet so disappeared from everywhere pretty sharpish.

Well, good news today as a new official trailer has now been released by HBO. Band of Brothers in my opinion is one of the best mini series ever made. The accuracy, the acting, the suspence and production was just mind blowing and I cannot wait to see this follow up.

So, without further ado, here is the trailer for The Pacific

*** Update***

I just found out that in the UK, Sky Movies HD have bought the rights to air the new series. It’s going to premiere in the UK Spring 2010.

Here’s the synopsis:

Made up of 10 episodes and produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, the creative team behind the Emmy-winning 2001 HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, The Pacific tracks the intertwined odysseys of three U.S. Marines ““ Robert Leckie, Eugene Sledge and John Basilone ““ across the vast canvas of the Pacific. The extraordinary experiences of these men and their fellow Marines take them from the first clash with the Japanese in the haunted jungles of Guadalcanal, up the black sand terraces of Iwo Jima, to the triumphant, yet uneasy, return home after V-J Day.