robin_hood_set_may_june_smallI couldn’t resist but to pay another visit to the Robin Hood set near Farnham in Surrey.

The main thing that you’ll notice in the video is how much the castle has taken shape (click image to enlarge). The set designers have nearly finished with the construction and whilst the building has been taking place, the artists have been in and are turning what is actually a simple fibre glass mesh into what really looks like a castle. You can see the far left of the castle has been painted darker than the rest. I guess another couple of weeks and the castle will be complete. The other additions are those of a few different obelisks and an awesome battering ram and the fort has come a long way!! They also seems to have become self sufficient and have multiple cabbage patches with what look like plastic vegetables growing!

I learnt a few interesting things by speaking to the local ‘powers that be’ and those are:

  • Filming in the villages will begin shooting next week (I hope to go along to watch at some point!)
  • The village will be burnt down once the filming has finished (I hope) and this will form part of the plot (there are loads of huge reservoirs of water all around the site which I assume will be to put the fire out when the need arises)
  • The castle completion is running behind schedule and should be finished by now but hopes to be completed within the next couple of weeks
  • Huge stables are being erected around the Forest area to deal with the hundreds of horses that will be used as they have done on the beach in Pembrokeshire
  • The signs that lead up to the site say MMF which stands for ‘Merry Men Films’!
  • Harry Potter 7 will be using the castle (can any Potter fans tell me why? Where does a castle appear?) once the shoot for Robin Hood has left

So there we have it. I have also been out and about with my video camera and have just made this montage of my tour round the site. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the huge gallery of photos that I and my friend Dunk have also collected her

Check out our video below