The Box UK Teaser PosterCameron Diaz has a new movie out very soon called  ‘The Box’. I’ve added a link to the synopsis and trailer below.

Am I correct in thinking that the score / music in the 2nd half of the trailer is from Saw? The trailer gives the impression that this movie will be ‘on the edge of your seat stuff!’

Here’s the synopsis: “Screen siren Cameron Diaz and former X-Man James Marsden star in the supernatural horror picture The Box (2008), directed by Donnie Darko cult fave Richard Kelly. The film’s premise involves a strange and ominous box granted to a young couple by a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella). They are informed that pressing various buttons on the box will grant them riches while killing a person unknown to them in the process. Executive produced by Ted Hamm, the film was adapted by Kelly from Richard Matheson’s 1970 short story Button, Button.” ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

The Box is scheduled for release in the UK 4th December and in the US 30th October.