Following the debut of the first trailer to hit for Oliver Stone’s revisiting of his era-defining Wall Street yesterday RopeofSilicon pointed us the new poster for Money Never Sleeps, and it looks serious, ominous even, with a faded, gritty wash.

I’m an advocate of this type of sequel, a revisiting rather than a remake,  which returns to a set of characters who have walked the same passage of time as the audience. Oliver Stone’s original took a snapshot of a particular place at a particular time, when the Greed is Good mentality was alive in the real world as well as the projected one.

The device of Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko stepping out of prison and into this new world is an excellent one, and should propel the plot along nicely.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing Carey Mulligan follow on from her astounding performance in last year’s An Education, Charlie Sheen II (Shia LeBeouf) will I’m sure improve on his Robotic lead turn.

You can check out the poster below.

And for a needless comparison, here’s the original poster for Wall Street.