I miss the Muppets. Jim Henson’s greatest gift to the world had a great run on television attracting the biggest names to join in the chaos every week, and then there was the Movie, the Caper and the taking of Manhattan.

Michael Caine put in a sterling performance singing the Christmas Carol and then… well, things didn’t turn out quite so well for the voyage to the Treasure Island or the sojourn in Space.

But the Muppets endure, and today’s confirmation from Heat Vision of the rumours that the new Muppets Movie has bagged a director is excellent news, as the man stepping behind the lens is none other than Flight of the Conchords co-creator James Bobin. The Conchords were a sensation, and Disney’s executive team have chosen wisely, as Bobin’s talent for music is sure to feature heavily in the new film.

While little is known about the new Muppet film you can bet that the poster won’t have ‘From the creative team behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ emblazoned over a picture of Miss Piggy, nevertheless Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller are the writing team and so the fresh blood needed to sending a thousand volts into the Muppet franchise is complete.

Now that the pieces are falling into place, are you interested in seeing more Muppets?