Eight days are all that separate a hungry UK movie-going audience and their chance to witness Joe Cornish’s urban sci-fi Attack the Block.

The film first struck at the heart of SXSW earlier in the year which is where our man Dave saw, and loved, it and in a welcome change to the usual US-centric cliche-eruption and CGI city destruction our base is a South London tower block where a gang fight off the alien hordes.

If you’ve seen a trailer for the film and have even a passing interest in things that are great then you’ll be looking forward to this one, so eyes out for a new poster which eschews genre and marketing conventions to give us something a little different – I’m hoping it’s done with glow in the dark paint – stick that on a tube wall and turn the lights out and see how quickly the buzz for your film escalates.

Here’s the poster,

Bow down to Empire, for they had this first.