Rounding up the usual suspects of film news and reviews this week, the Mouth Off podcast is back to ease you into the weekend, and lining up to be shot at dawn this week we have a nicely eclectic mix of horror and history with a touch of sociopathy throw in.

[Rec]2, Agora and The Killer Inside Me are all up for discussion this week, and we have news on the Logan’s Run remake and potentially a very odd career move for Sam Rockwell. Brendon Connelly and Craig Skinner jump aboard the Mouth Off bandwagon once again to talk around the fetishistic nature of prolonged on-screen violence and why Ghost Trains really aren’t that scary.

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Here’s my RFTC choice this week- a nicely spooky Disney film from 1980 – The Watcher in the Woods

Craig chose Branded to Kill

Brendon championed the man and his movies – Toby Radloff