Monsters Dark Continent is the eagerly awaited follow up to Gareth Edwards’ debut feature of 2010. Set in the same post-invasion world with a shaky, unreliable co-existence on a partitioned planet Earth, Tom Green’s sequel takes place a difficult decade on.

The Middle East is where Green sets his scene, and we follow a group of soldiers sent into a region to quell a new group of insurgents, and find themselves fighting in a new Infected Zone.  Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley and Joe Dempsie are our leading men as Green’s film details the horrors of war, and the devastating effect of foreign invaders, both human and alien.

We have an exclusive clip for you today, showing off Green’s deft handling of the spectacle inherent in making a film about enormous monsters.

It is a great clip, and shown in this context doesn’t spoil things, but caution is advised if you want to be completely unspoiled.


Here’s the clip, HD it and shove it up full screen. The film is out on the 1st of May.