From time to time here on HeyUGuys we stumble upon old material which, for one reason or another, went unused on the site. It doesn’t happen often, but timing issues, content saturation and so on mean that we hold stuff back. Or, as in this case, decide not to run it at all.

Back in 2010 we interviewed Gareth Edwards for Monsters, his breakout hit and years before he tamed Godzilla and went on the hunt for Death Star plans. When we got the video back the audio was terrible, almost indecipherable, and we decided not to run it. This weekend, on discovering the interview again, and with the help of some new audio cleansing tech, we cleaned it up and it is finally ready to be published.

Given the startling trajectory Edwards’ career has taken it is remarkable how, in this very interview, the seeds were being sown.

He discussed the inevitability of a sequel (which turned into Tom Green’s Monsters: Dark Continent, out this Friday), which he intimates (may, promised!) he would call Monsters 2: Electric Boogaloo, as well as the talking us through the journey of his debut this far.

What is interesting about this interview is the light they bring to bear on his new directing gigs. His love for Star Wars is well known but even here he uses beloved characters as references for Monsters and comments on his dislike for George Lucas’s Special Editions.

Also pertinent is his comments on how bored he is with sequels and prequels and his preference for films set in the same world: ‘Equals’ rather than sequels. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what he is doing with Star Wars: Rogue One.

Check out the video below, the audio still is as crisp as we’d like it but we hope you enjoy the interview.

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