Death is inherently depressing but it needn’t be as Lousy Carter explores mortality in its own whimsical way. 

Starring David Krumholtz in the title role this comedy follows failing animator turned college professor struggling with where he is in life and his own mortality after being told he only has six months to live.

Ahead of its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival we sit down with director & writer, Bob Byington, and co-star Luxy Banner to discuss improv scenes, unusual hobbies and more!

You can watch the full interview below:

Written & directed by Bob Byington, the film stars David Krumholtz, Luxy Banner, Martin Starr, Olivia Thirlby, Jocelyn DeBoer and Stephen Root.

Man-baby Lousy Carter struggles to complete his animated Nabokov adaptation, teaches a graduate seminar on The Great Gatsby, and sleeps with his best friend’s wife. He has six months to live.

Lousy Carter screens at Glasgow Film Festival on March 1st followed by a Q&A with Bob Byington – tickets available here