Viggo Mortenson’s sophomore directorial offering features some exceptional performances from the actor-turned-director and his cast. The Dead Don’t Hurt follows the story of two pioneers (Mortensen and Vicky Krieps) as they fight for their lives and their love on the American frontier during a deadly Civil War.

HeyUGuys spoke to Mortensen and his cast about the importance of telling the story of how the West was made from the stand point of those who have never been given a voice before in the Western genre.

Krieps talked of her love for the character of Vivienne, a woman more than capable to stand on her own two feet in a man’s world. We also spoke to actor Danny Huston – son of legendary Hollywood filmmaker John Huston – about his love for the western genre and what it meant to him to be part of such an exciting project.

Elsewhere, British actor Solly McLeod spoke about his excitement of working with Mortenson, Krieps and Huston. He also spoke about playing a real villainous character and how much he learned working on the projects.