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Having completed work on the new Blade Runner movie, 20th Century Fox have now turned to Michael Green to rewrite Jack Paglen’s (Transcendence) initial draft of the Prometheus sequel.

When Fox set an “Untitled Ridley Scott Project” for March 4th, 2016, the majority of the prolific filmmaker’s fans immediately guessed that the date had been chosen for Prometheus 2.

If you were one of them, pat yourself on the back, as The Wrap has now revealed that it is indeed a sequel to Prometheus (which still doesn’t have a title as of right now) which will be released in 2016, with production set to start this Autumn once Scott has completed work on his Moses movie, Exodus.

Prometheus was very much a film which fans of Alien either loved or hated, and the sequel that Green is working on will apparently be much more “alien-y”, with a tone far more similar to that of the past films in the franchise. The most interesting part of the site’s report is that they’ve heard that Prometheus 2 will feature multiple David androids, meaning that we’ll see more than one Michael Fassbender on screen at the same time. Tumblr may have just crashed in anticipation of the many, many gifs.

Whether Noomi Rapace will return is unknown as of right now, but it’s been said numerous times in the past that she will. It’s also thought that Blade Runner 2 will follow shortly after this Prometheus follow-up.