It seems that all those Team Jacob fans are going to get their fill of young Taylor Lautner over the course of the next couple of years. Deadline reported yesterday that Lautner has teamed up with Michael Bay on a script that just went out to the studios.

The werewolf and the King of Explosions should make quite a combo as far as box office draw. I wonder if we’ll get any exploding werewolves. It’s doubtful, but that would be cool. According to insider info, the script is a Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted. Sounds interesting no?

Lautner made the list of top paid teenage actors, but also made the top paid adult list as well.  2011 is already a full year for him with completing the Twilight series, but he’s also got Abduction, Incarceron, and untitled spy project and Stretch Armstrong.   With a couple of spots open for 2012 Michael Bay jumped on the opportunity to work with this bankable young star. Both decided to not hand deliver the script to the studios to try to sell it but with both names attached, it wasn’t necessary.  Lautner is currently on a breather from shooting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 2 while Bay has his hands full with Transformers 3 and his latest producing effort, I Am Number 4.   We’ll keep an eye on this and update and we get more info.