Some new details for the not-entirely-necessary third film in the Men In Black series have surfaced online, and if you’ve been following the charge to screen for this new chapter you’ll know the original stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back, with Josh Brolin up for a role along with Conchords man Jemaine Clement.

The esteemed JoBlo have spilled all kinds of beans and the choicest cuts include the main plot revolving around time travel in which Messrs Smith and Jones return to 1969 where they join the young Agent Kay (this is Josh Brolin, playing a mid twenties version of Tommy Lee Jones. as JoBlo point out -Brolin is 42 which seems odd) in defeating the evil Jemaine Clement shaped villain Yaz.

Callbacks to the previous films include more celebrities outed as aliens, popular culture spoofs (the time travel device involves an iPhone app), and reading these new reports (and for more details with spoilers ahoy check out Brendon Connelly’s Bleeding Cool post) I’m not getting too excited about this one. With Etan Cohen’s script seemingly not deviating too far from the last two outings I have to hope that the new blood of Brolin and Clement give this one a shot in the arm.