josh brolinOur favourite Goonie appears to be up for a role in the next Men In Black film. The L.A. Times is  running a story that Josh Brolin is being considered for a starring role in Men In Black 3, a film that will hopefully improve on the second installment.

Following his stellar turns in Milk and No Country for Old Men Brolin is carving out a very interesting career in Hollywood, able to take on a variety of roles and make each character memorable and unique.

Quite why he’s orbiting a threequel of a series that failed to make good on the promise of the first film is a little curious. Joining Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the last suit he’ll ever wear is an odd choice but he’ll no doubt be a fascinating addition to the team.

Read the L.A. Times article here, the project has yet to be signed off but I’m sure Sony are hoping that another A-list star attached will make that process all the easier.