On the day that parody movie, MacGruber is released in US cinemas, news has been released over on THR that Jason Richman, the man whose previous form includes Bad Company, the movie which took the bizarre step of teaming Sir Anthony Hopkins with Chris Rock, and Bangkok Dangerous, has been approached to write the script.

MacGuyver is familiar to many as the Richard Dean Anderson TV series which captivated Patty and Selma among others, and whose main pop culture legacy was to put the titular character in a warehouse from which he would emerge in a full size Tank comprised of broken wooden crates and duct tape.

Having its well worn parody MacGruber out in the cinemas now will surely affect the reception for this big screen adaptation of the TV series, and like Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team there’s a heavy dose of nostalgia mixed in, and it seems as though there won’t be any tongue in cheek nods to the audience in this new film, as it would be too obvious and hardly help bring in the post modern punters.