The Dreamworks Animation Kung Fu Panda was a surprise hit in 2008 and a subsequent sequel was always on the cards, and next summer we’ll see the Jack Black voiced Panda back on the big screen and joining him with be none other than Gary Oldman.

HeatVision spill the beans that one of our finest actors will step into the booth and voice

a character named Peacock who helps Po find the bandits but is more than he seems

Oldman has become an integral part of two of the biggest franchises in recent years with Sirius Black and Commissioner Gordon taking up his time, and while I would really like to see him step back behind the camera (as Nil By Mouth was a brutal and brilliantly bleak look at the nature of violence) any project with Oldman attached will undoubtedly be worth watching.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson is directing the sequel subtitled The Kaboom of Doom, while a script from returning screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, with revisions from none other than Charlie Kaufman. Should be epic.