tanit phoenixIt’s an obvious headline, and all the coverage we give this movie is due to the love we have for the original Lost Boys.

As you may know Lost Boys 2: The Tribe didn’t set the world on fire, but that hasn’t stopped two sequels being forced at gunpoint into production, and now the leading lady for LB number 3 has been revealed.

Shock Till You Drop have the scoop on the casting of the Twilight-esque Vampire Author whose son is kidnapped by a Fang Gang and calls on our favourite Frog brother into battle. She is Tanit Phoenix, an actor/model whose imdb profile looks a touch sparse but that’s not to say that she won’t sell a few tickets as long as they pick a tasteful picture on the posters.

As I’ve maintained from the outset – No Double Corey? No sell. It’s the simplest thing – we’re not expecting Shakespeare with fangs (and that’s an idea that bound to be picked up by the time you’ve read the end of this sentence) but play on our nostalgia and give us Corey vs. Corey.